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AVClub: Dan Harmon walks us through Community’s second season

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Part 2

Part 1 one of a 4 part series with Dan Harmon talking about every episode on season 2.

In its second season, Community tried so many different things that it sometimes seemed like a different show every week. In 24 episodes that aired from September of 2010 to May of 2011, the show visited genres and episode types as diverse as zombie tales, stop-motion animated Christmas specials, and clip shows. Along the way, it attempted to tell a complicated story about the ways in which its central characters could be just as bad for each other as they were good friends to each other. Series creator and executive producer Dan Harmon sat down for an epic interview with The A.V. Club to talk through the season, episode by episode, and his thoughts will appear over the next four days. Today: the first six episodes, spanning from the season première, “Anthropology 101,” to Halloween episode (and zombie epic) “Epidemiology.”

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