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Month: April 2012

Review: 3.15 “Origins of Vampire Mythology”

Review by Bert Both

This is not a standard review, it is more a short and shallow analysis, but I will rate anyway. I read some reviews and they all summarize the plot and go on from there. This natural approach surpasses the main theme of the episode, which is in my opinion leading. For a recap of the plot, see the other reviews as in for instance the one mentioned in the footnote.

Review courtesy of Bert Both (Johan van der Groep)


Episode Description and Promo Pics for 3×17 “Basic Lupine Urology”

04/26/2012 (08:00PM – 08:30PM) (Thursday) :


THE STUDY GROUP’S SCIENCE EXPERIMENT IS SABOTAGED AND THEY GO ON THE OFFENSIVE TO EXPOSE THE CULPRIT – MICHAEL K. WILLIAMS GUEST STARS – When Annie (Alison Brie) discovers the study group’s yam experiment smashed to smithereens on the science lab floor, the group mobilizes to expose the criminal and save their grade. Once Abed (Danny Pudi) and Troy (Donald Glover) think they have located the perpetrator, the group conducts a “trial,” with a reluctant Professor Kane (guest star Michael K. Williams) serving as judge. Jeff (Joel McHale) soon realizes, however, that the plot is thicker than anyone suspects. Chevy Chase, Gillian Jacobs, Yvette Nicole Brown and Jim Rash also star.

Promo pics


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