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Month: February 2013

AVClub: Community considered doing an entire Nicolas Cage episode

But perhaps an even more entertaining revelation, and the one that seems most specifically calculated to drive the Internet into a self-immolating frenzy today, is the fact that Harmon and the writers apparently always wanted to do a Nicolas Cage episode, and yet, frustratingly, didn’t. From Flavorwire‘s (very thorough) Harmon transcript:

For two seasons we wanted to do an episode where Jeff Winger pretended there was a class called “Nicolas Cage Appreciation,” and then the Dean caught them and as punishment to them he was going to make that a real class and force them to watch all the Nicolas Cage movies in one night. The thing about Nicolas Cage movies is… unless you’re a total cynical dick, you have to embrace the fact that Nicolas Cage is a pretty good actor. He’s done a lot of weird, dumb movies, but that was supposed to be the point of the episode – that Nicolas Cage is a metaphor for God, or for society, or for the self, or something. It’s like – what is Nicolas Cage? What is he? Is he an idiot? Or a genius? Can you write him off, or is he inexplicably bound to your soul?

I would have watched the SHIT out of that.

Review: 4.01 “History 101”

It’s hard to write a review for an episode like History 101 without taking into account all of the fan reactions over the past 16 hours or so. There seems to be two polar opposite reactions. On one side you have fans who say that this episode was not the real Community, citing a lack of input from show creator Dan Harmon making the show a shell of its former self. On the other end you have viewers who genuinely enjoyed the episode and claim that although it is different, the show is still vibrant and full of life.


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