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Month: May 2013

Season Four GIFs and Forum Avatars

I’m done making gifs and avatars for season four.
Posts by episode:
4×01 “History 101”
4×02 “Paranormal Parentage”
4×03 “Conventions of Space and Time”
4×04 “Alternative History of the German Invasion”
4×05 “Cooperative Escapism in Familial Relations”
4×06 “Advanced Documentary Filmmaking”
4×07 “Economics of Marine Biology”
4×08 “Herstory of Dance”
4×09 “Into to Felt Surrogacy”
4×10 “Intro to Knots”
4×11 “Basic Human Anatomy”
4×12 “Heroic Origins”
4×13 “Advanced Introduction to Finality”

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