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Month: February 2017

Zen Monkey Studios Teases Rick and Morty Season 3 Premiere: “So Satisfying”

Before you ask, Zen Monkey Studios make officially licensed Rick and Morty t-shirts. So that’s why they would know about the season 3 premiere.

Oh, and I thought that Rick Roll video was hilarious.

But I want a premiere date, man!

I’ll do anything!
I’ll give up Squanching if I have to!

Dan on Rick and Morty Season 3: “They’re drawing it.”

EDIT: Here’s the video of it (not mine), I forgot it was actually a rap (I have the memory of a pot head from the 60s.)

During last night’s Harmontown Dan brought up Rick and Morty, and pretty much said “They’re drawing it, once they’re done Adult Swim will decide when to release it.” This was in response to all the people that keep asking when it’s coming, and the people that say things like “STOP TWEETING AND GET BACK TO WORK ON RICK AND MORTY.” He said a few other things but it was mostly just “I don’t draw it!”

There was a story where Dan talked about he and Justin were fighting during the writing on season 3, which is part of the reason it was taking so long. Then I kept seeing people acting like the season is STILL being written and won’t be ready for another year. No. The writing is done and has been for a while. He took the blame for THAT part taking too long, so now stop blaming him for things that are now out of his control. Mr. “DAN SUCKS AND HE SHOULD BE FIRED BECAUSE HE ALWAYS RUINS EVERY SHOW HE’S WORKING ON BY THE THIRD SEASON” on Reddit.

Relax everyone, all this marketing and new websites and stuff we’re seeing makes me think it’s getting closer to a premiere date announcement. Don’t believe random images from people though, most of the time they’re fake. If the premiere date is announced EVERYONE will know. It won’t be buried on some tv listing website.

And as always: If you try to justify bitching about how long it takes to animate Rick and Morty by using South Park as a comparison.

Your opinion is null and void.

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