A Community/Rick & Morty/Dan Harmon Fansite (Community season six doesn't suck)


A poorly run fan side dedicated to Dan Harmon, Harmontown (and soon Harmonquest), Community and Rick and Morty.

The name was a result of a Twitter kerfuffle (lol) with Dan back during season 2 of Community. After which we joked about starting a site called “Dan Harmon Sucks.” So we did, and now five years later the site is still here, somehow.

Right around the time we started the site Dan heard about it somehow and tweeted a link to it, which helped a LOT in getting hits. Without that who knows if the site would have even lasted six months.

This site is not (as much as I'd like it to be) affiliated with Dan Harmon, or NBC/Yahoo/Adult Swim.
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P.S. Dan doesn't suck.
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