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Default Community's Chaos Theory Game

here is an interesting game from the following link

Community Meme

Jan. 12th, 2011 at 10:25 AM

Basically, make a list of ten characters: the seven members of the study group, and your three personal favorite "supporting characters." Assign them each a random number, so that your list is different from others. (No peeking until your list is done!) Now that you've got your characters and assigned them each a number, here is your meme! (Obviously, this might be a bit too long to fit into a comment, so you can either split it into more than one comment, only answer a few of the questions or do it on your journal.)

1. 4, 9 and 10 are at an arcade. What game do they choose to play, and who wins?

2. Make up an e-mail address for 6.

3. If 8 had an iPod or some other kind of music player, what type of songs would one find on it?

4. What would you do if 9 suddenly paid you a visit?

5. Do you think 6 and 4 are made for each other?

6. 1 challenges 3 to a no-holds-barred duel. Who will win and how?

7. 7, 2 and 1 order a pizza. What toppings does each one request, and what do the others think of the choices?

8. What subject would 1 teach if s/he were a teacher/professor?

9. 5 and 10 go on their first date. Where would they go, and what would they do?

10. 8 sings karaoke and dedicates a song to 7. What song would s/he dedicate and why?

11. How would 8 court 6?

12. Describe the relationship between 2 and 8 in the canon. Would you change it? Why?

13. In your list, who do you think is the perfect match for 3 and why?

14. 2 has a dream where 10 tells him/her to save 1, who is facing certain doom. What would 2 do?

15. 9 and 6 are about to get married, until 3 crashes their wedding and abducts 9 against his/her will. 6 follows them, but must forge an alliance with 1. They must then hijack some form of transportation from 8 in order to get to 3’s lair, where they must fight against 3’s zombie minions. What will happen next?

16. 8 receives a gift from 9. Does s/he open it or not? If so, what is inside?

17. 4 is walking home when s/he sees a cute fluffy creature, which promptly begins rubbing itself against his/her legs. Will s/he kick it away, or take it home?

18. 8 is dared by 4 to strip while pole-dancing in front of 7. Write a short dialogue about this.

19. What smiley/emoticon would best describe 5?

20. If you had the chance to rewrite 1’s life, how would you change it?
an example answers would be like this (from the same link)

5. Do you think 6 and 4 are made for each other?
Dean Pelton and Troy
You know… I never thought about it before. We haven’t seen them interact much… but probably not. Troy is for Abed and maybe even Britta.
11. How would 8 court 6?
Annie and Dean Pelton
Oh man, I don’t even know! I think she would suck up to him… kinda like when they teamed up for the STD Fair. I think most of his interests would go right over her head, thankfully!
I'm not going to play it first but I will later when I have more spare time this is going to be very interesting
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0. This is wrinkling my brain.
1- Jeff
2- Annie
3- Troy
4- Britta
5- Shirley
6- Abed
7- Dean
8- Pierce
9- Vicki
10- Magnitude

1 - Britta, Vicki and Magnitude are at an arcade. What game do they choose to play, and who wins? Britta chooses table hockey, because she feels the amount of physical strength to play promotes equality of strength amongst men and women, even though internally she enjoys that men are strong and have firm hands. The game between Britta and Magnitude begins, with Vicky up next waiting her turn by the side, secretly hoping for Magnitude to win, but she keeps an open appearance. Britta serves first, she gives it way to much force it ricochet and hits Magnitude in the eye. He falls to the floor with his signature catch-phrase "Pop, Pop!" Vicky comes to his side.

2 -

3 - If Pierce had an iPod or some other kind of music player, what type of songs would one find on it? It'd either be a laser disc or him trying to be hip with an eoPad (iPad) from China or Korea.

4 - What would you do if Vicki suddenly paid you a visit? (Damn how I wish I chose 2, 4 for this one, not that there is anything wrong with Vicki. But come on Annie and Britta) I really don't know enough about Vicki, apart from she likes to dance on tables during Paintball western, star wars Apocalypse.

5 - Do you think Abed and Britta are made for each other? No, that'd be Britta and Troy. Abed and Annie. Jeff and the Dean. Often joke about Dan Harmon and the entire writers room orgy, because Dan is God.

6 - Jeff challenges Troy to a no-holds-barred duel. Who will win and how? Jeff wins, because although Jeff has done so much to lose the respect of Troy. I don't think Troy would ever try and beat Jeff.

7 - Dean, Annie and Jeff order a pizza. What toppings does each one request, and what do the others think of the choices? (Best group for pizza ever) The Dean would choose a big sausage topping, Jeff would chose egg or something that is more protein than fat, Annie I really don't know.

8 - What subject would Jeff teach if s/he were a teacher/professor? Talking out of your ass 101 (Speech writing 101) (Law 102)

9 - Shirley and Magnitude go on their first date. Where would they go, and what would they do? Shirley is a lady with children, so Magnitude asks her out, is told she has children and goes home alone and... Pop Pop!!

10 & 11 - I don't know.

12 - I probably wouldn't change it. But i'm sure Pierce would enjoy Annie's Christmas Song.

13 - The perfect match for Troy is Britta, because they're different and similar. Britta thinks she knows everything and wants to help everyone. Troy knows nothing about the outside world and wants to help everyone.
Plus their babies would be smart, underachieving and beautiful.

14 - Annie would save Jeff of course. Even though it was only a dream she'd probably still worry about him.

Probably not the best answers ever and I will think about 15 - 20 and 10 - 11 and answer them when I get a chance.
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1. Jeff
2. Britta
3. Annie
4. Abed
5. Troy
6. Shirley
7. Pierce
8. Leonard
9. Garret
10. Chang

I felt doing it in chronological orders (thats what the numbers look like in my head for no reason)

1 - OWWWHH this is an interesting Combo Garret, Chang and Abed.... this is hard too, but they would decide something thats fair square, Chang goes under the command of Abed manipulation at times assuming by their psychological traits so they would play something like Time Crisis or similar shooting games. I think Garret would do quite well in this but by Chang's manipulation garret will die first. It comes down to Abed and Chang of which both are good at but Abed won because of his experience as a shooter and Chang would be proven a coward in this game

2 -

3 - Leonard would have disco, 80s dance and his favourite 40s -50s rock&roll and jazz jam. He is surprisingly very hip man for his age. Remember his admirality during the modern warfare of the discoguy "what it is soul brother"

4 - Garret visits me!!! woww the character Garret would be treated as if he was in hospital. Asthma Puffer would be ready by his hand. I would prepare for any emergency numbers.

5 - Abed and Shierly... hmmm they are good friend and they are made for each other as a good friend. I love their relationships guidence of each other's attitude and such but thats about it. Shierly can never be Abed's lover... She would have to baptize Abed first

6 - Annie and Jeff are equally strong in their duel, Annie knows judo moves and Jeff has the strength. Annie would won because Jeff will always have compelling feelings for Annie

7 - Pierce would order a cheesy meat lovers pizza with extra sausage but Britta would intervene's Pierce's wish so he probably eats only super supreme, Britta would order Vegetarian pizza and Jeff would order some special low fat fancy chicken pizza

8 - Jeff would teach something to with Law skills and how to be "the lawyer" he would teach all the sleazy techniques and all the flaws in the justice system and maximise profit in the legal system.

9 - Troy and Chang on a date?? wrinkling my brain much... Troy has to be Chang's bitch when he lost a bet with chang in order for them to be on a date. They would go Karaoke and they would sing and drink together. It would be more of a bro's night. Troy and Chang don't have too much friction in their relationships

10 - this is the hardest ones since i'm not old enough to know all ye oldie songs but i'm assuming something ironic about their relationships with some 80's pop

11 - Leonard would sue Shirley for publicity(cos maybe shirley accidently promote her sandwich shop in Leonard Channel on internet without his consent... )

12 - Britta and Leonard.... nothing ever happened to them... nothing happens i guess apart from Britta being probably constantly dissed by Leonard

13 - Annie would be with Jeff, simnply because the combo works really well together

14 - Chang telling Britta to save Jeff??... i think this could happen in the future episodes of season 3 but no idea how but would work well in season 1 since chang was a teacher back then... Jeff would probably in trouble with his sanity from his ego. Britta is the shrink as it is and Chang could be her interpretation of someone being trouble

15 - owwhh the weirdest combination of all!!! Garret would never wed Shirley, but say if alternative world applies, they both wed each other for moral reasons. Annie is still a genius but is insane with her drug addiction problem that occured again somehow & who actually know that these two are not made for each other, Shirley form's alliance with Jeff as he is the best one in understanding all Annie's flaws and what a bad ass combo!!!! borrowing Leonard's transportation of his van which surprisingly have all the practicalities of all the spy equipments since he actually succesful in investing his share on IBM in 1952 XD. Jeff and Shirley would proven to be the best zombie slayers!! like blade!!

16 - Leonard received a gift from Garret.... Chinese silk robe, to help Garret with his Tai chi and his chinese meditation in which he apparently practices

17 - Abed sees a puppy and he would take it home and would pretend so many sitcom situations where the characters has the dog companion (same works with cat too but more special) and probably because of Abed's clarity nature, he would have an amazing connection with the animals

18 - Abed, Leonard and Pierce

Abed: "You just lost your own bet about predicting the future occurance of the next big school shenanigans"
Leonard: "well tough luck, i won't strip in front of Pierce, it's very demoralising for an old men"
Abed: "you insulted the integrity of Inspector spacetime to me and a deal is a deal Leonard, you have lost all your respect among everyone in your life by being a jerk so you might as well start paying them back or there will be many consequences"
Leonard: "make me, (spitting his tongue)"
Abed: "you just lost all your previllages to all access to your movie, and film database, you won't be a star no more"
Leonard: "Crap, fine i'll do it"
.............. moments later..............
Pierce: "what the hell is wrong with you?"
Leonard: "I'm paying my damn debt, put a sock in it"

19 - cool sunglasses guy with peterpan's hat

20 - I don't want to change Jeff's life, but if I had to, probably if Jeff has a dad instead of a mother... he will be the one with all the mother issues and would be a more agile but similar character to what he is now with all the "Mother issues"

I was surprisingly creative in this one... took just over an hour to come up with all this and I would include Dean but 10 is the limit
I pronounce our group a "community"

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3.Fat Neil

1 - Jeff, Garrett and Annie go to an arcade. Jeff is excited to show off his awesome foosball skills to annie, Garrett does not feel like playing a sporting game, Instead he is eager to play the Original 1995 version of Time Crisis. Annie insists that they play both games. Jeff starts the game well, scoreing 3 points in the first minute, but Garrett's hand sweat begins to make the handles and the general field of play all and Jeff Quits when the Ball becomes too sweaty to pick out of the goals. Jeff feels humiliated losing to Garrett by forfiet, but soon notices that Annie was never actually watching the game, but playing Whack-a-Mole behind him, explains that she's been saving tickets for years to try and win a 16" Pink Stuffed Bear. Jeff and Garrett commence their game of Time Crisis, Garrett quickly collects points, with Jeff complaining that Garrett "Is taking all his kills". Jeff then gets his watch jammed on the trigger, and ultimately can't be bothered to insert more coins to get an extra life, Annie still isn't watching. Jeff promises a custom fit suit to Garrett if he tells Annie that Jeff won. Garrett wears the suit to Greendale for the rest of the semester.

2 -

3 - Abed and Troy recorded their Spanish 101 Rap, remixed by Troy. It is now the most played track on Abed's Ipod, with 684 plays.

4 - I'd ask to buy Garrett a snow cone, and then own him at Halo

5 - Opposites can Attract, but not in this case

6 - Shirley Challenges Fat Neil to a Duel, they have a paintball duel at 10 paces, Shirley shoots Fat Neil in the Stomach, it jiggles for the next 5 minutes.

7 - Britta insists on Olives and Onions, Troy is opposed to the idea, he'd rather have Jalepenos to see if steam will come out of his nose and ears. Shirley Insists that she can just as easily make the pizza herself. They end up with a cheeze pizza, although Shirley did bake the garlic bread.

8 - Shirley would teach Religion, although she'd talk down every Religion except for Christianity.

9 - Pierce and Annie go on a date, the waiter at the restaurant is convinced that Annie is a Hooker based to the age difference and that Pierce keeps asking Annie if she's talked to her parents lately. Jeff sneaks into the restaurant and tells the head chef that Pierce is his father and that he requires Laxatives in all his food otherwise he'll be poised by his own waste. Pierce finshes his entree and then leaves for the bathroom for the remainder of the night. Jeff walks back into the restaurants and Hijacks Pierce's date with Annie.

10 - Abed jumps onto a table in a crowded Karaoke bar and sings "Benny and the Jets" to Britta, and tries to get her to join him. Britta doen't realise this is a reference to 27 dresses. (but Annie does)

11 - Abed would try to recreate Breaking Bad with Star-Burns, and attept to Advance on him after his Gas mask fails.

12 - Troy and Abed(in the Morning) are the perfect example of disfunctional best friends. Abed loves television and cartoons, and is ultimately a child at Heart. Troy is more mature, but still has relapses of his childhood identity (usually by crying). Troy and Abed love making childhood fun (usually this is because their material is at least 10 years old). Troy has the need to become mature at a greater pace than Abed, which threatens thier friendship when it becomes too much for Abed to handle.

13 - Britta would be perfect for Fat Neil. (he's at least better for her than the pizza guy in Remedial Chaos Theory)

14 - Troy has a Dream where Annie is telling him to save Shirley, who is being attcked by ninja Ghosts, Troy calls Ghost Busters to save Shirley, so Troy can go home to get ready for his Date with Black Widow. (Troy and Abed had watched the Avengers the Afternoon before)

15 - Garrett and Star-Burns are about to get Married, until Fat Neil abuducts Garrett against his will. Shirley is against Gay Marrige, but wants Garrett and Star-Burns to adopt an African child to try and get Star-Burns to leave Greendale to become a stay at home dad, so she never has to see him again. Shirley Hijacks the Millenium Falcon from Abed's Dreamatorium. When they reach Fat Neils Lair, Fat Neil unleashes his Army, comprised by the Red Dragon Draconis and Greendale's Gay Zombie Basketball Team, although they leave the battle to prepare for Mardi Gras. Draconis has no need to fight, because Shirley also stole his Amulet from the Dreamatorium, as Abed had it Hanging off the rear vision mirror in the Millenium Falcon. Fat Neil relucantly gives up Garrett, Star-Burns then Admit he wanted to Marry Garrett and then kill him for the insurence money. After that Shirley spent almost every other weekend in the Dreamatorium.

16 - Abed recieves a gift from Fat Neil, Abed opens it, it's a new Yam. Abed was hoping for season 2 of Cougertown

17 - Jeff finds a stray cat in the street, it rubs on Jeff's leg's and seems very fond of Jeff, he sells the cat to Britta for $30.

18 - Jeff dares Abed to strip in front of Britta.
Jeff - I'll pay you $30 and season 2 of Cougertown if you strip in front of Britta.
Abed - no
Abed - can I do it like Brad Pitt in Thelma and Louise.
Jeff - fine
Britta - Abed, that was kind of Creepy, but you do have the body to be Brad Pitt.
Abed - cool, cool, coolcoolcool
Abed - now after that Brad Pitt had sex, should we do that now.
Britta - no, Jeff just gave me a cat I need to look after.
Abed - OK Britta, Happy Martin Luther King Junior Day
Britta - You too

19 - Pierce

20 - Shirley really did have Chang's Baby, he felt so bad about it she killed Chang with a Frying Pan and went to live in Montreal.
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I've got some time to waste, so why not.

1: Jeff
2: Chang
3: Pierce
4: Britta
5: Dean Pelton
6: Vicki
7: Abed
8: Troy
9: Shirley
10: Annie

1. Britta, Shirley and Annie at an arcade, just the thought of that is funny. Shirley would make the other two play some sort of bible shoot 'em up, which Annie would win due to her training with Troy and Abed.


3. Daybreak. That's it.

4. I would instantly shut off all access to the kitchen. My money supply is limited, therefore my things in the pantry is strictly prohibited to anyone.

5. If Britta would ever get into one of her lesbian phases, I'm sure Vicki would be right up her alley. She's cool, and feisty in combat.

6. Pierce would attempt in faking another heartattack, which Jeff instantly looks through. However, Pierce pretends to fall while actually wearing his patented magic pants, and Jeff falls for it. A quick blow to the head by Pierce and Jeff is down.

7. Abed would want pieces of ham shaped like Blorgons. Chang would want pepperoni, as spicy as they come. Jeff would want tuna, and nothing else. He's gotta maintain that physique, yo. I'm sure they'd all be fine with the various choices.

8. Introduction to Blowing Off.

9. Dean wouldn't have much of an interest with Annie to begin with, so the date would be in his office. He would dress up a bit for her, and generally act like a goofball. Annie would love it since she got a couple of stuffed dalmatians as a present.

10. Troy would hum the main theme of Batman: the Animated Series. Abed would of course love it.

11. Troy would take Vicki to one of his dance classes. Since they're both in the same class, nothing would really be different from before.

12. Troy and Chang doesn't really have a relationship. If I were to change anything at all with these two, I'd like to see Chang get in on Laybourne's plan with Troy. That could mix things up.

13. No one. Really, no one. I don't even like to theorize about that *shudder*.

14. Chang would just let Jeff die and take his place in study group, all while laughing like a maniac. And then he would make up. And cry.

15. Pierce's zombie minions would just be useless copies of himself, due to Pierce's laziness. They would therefore just crumble into dust withing seconds. Jeff and Vicki would eventually rescue Shirley, all because Pierce looked out the window of his castle and saw Doreen standing outside. Let's just say that Pierce got lucky that night.

16. Troy opens it with joy, finding a freshly baked pie inside. He instantly gets disgusted.

17. Britta would take it home and immediately start a campaign to save the entire species, without even knowing what the species is.

18. Troy takes Britta up on the bet, and convinces Abed that they're going to make a Coyote Ugly parody. Abed complies, and proceeds to sit on a chair while maintaining a glare at Britta, all the while Troy gets a bit too comfortable in his position as stripper.


20. Instead of a lawyer, Jeff would have been a caring daycare teacher. One freak accident later involving a giant fire at the daycare, Jeff would be put into a mental hospital. A couple of years he would be released, albeit a bit unstable. In order to convince the teaching society that he would be able to continue working as a teacher he would have to regain his license by going to community college. Yeah, a pretty dark twist to the character.
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