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Site Content/Redesign Progress

Here’s all the stuff I’m working on for the site..

New Design

This is coming along still, I’m trying to come up with some of the icons/other graphics for it. As well as make sure there’s no errors with the color scheme/CSS so you don’t have disappearing text and whatnot. I don’t think any of this will be ready before the end of the year, I’m still wondering if the version 7 update for Template Toaster will be out of beta soon and if I could implement fixes from that before actually putting the new design up. I’m also thinking of having two color schemes, so one could be a “night” or “dark” theme if users want that. But that would take a bit longer to do since it’s more testing and designing.

I’m also still trying to think of a good new logo design.

Forum/Other Features

Since I’ve shut down the other site I had my Xenforo license in use at, I can finally just go ahead and install it here. But before I do that I need to both renew the license ($40 for a year) and I want to get an SSL certificate for the site. In the simplest teams, that just means you would see https in the URL bar. This isn’t a top priority right now, since that would also cost more money (although I think there’s a different plan with my host that gives one SSL setup for free for the first year or something). The other advantage of getting this is that it would help with Google rankings, the site is already doing OK there for the most part but anything that helps get traffic here is good.

I’ve been messing with a user profile plugin thing on the test site, it’s not going to do exactly what I want but for now it might be good enough. At least to let people pick their favorite Harmon show or whatever.

Site Content(Community/Rick and Morty/etc)

This is the biggest thing that I need to work on right now, there’s still a TON of content missing from the site. I’ll try to detail it all below so you can all see what a failure I’ve been at keeping this site up to date.


  • All of the individual episode pages for season three need to be added
  • I want to go back and redo the episode pages for the first two seasons to make them look consistent across all the seasons, and be better looking as well.
  • Quotes pages for season 2 and 3 need to be made, which will definitely take a while to do. I probably also have to go back and check the season one section as well.
  • I want to make a section with detailed character listings for every major character in the series.
  • A page with various video clips/character compilations, these are all over Youtube but since there is a Youtube channel for the site I’d like to make them myself if I ever get the energy.
  • GIFs. I need to make more of them as currently I had only made some for part of the first season. Now I also either need to host them directly on the site or find an image CDN provider. This also applies to Community as I no longer have a paid Photobucket account.
  • Put up an actual, detailed, show page linking all the various sections.


  • Redo every episode page to look the same as the Rick and Morty ones, which will take quite a while.
  • Add the rest of the sixth season quotes pages, as well as going through all the previous pages and checking for any typos or errors.
  • Add more detailed descriptions to the character page, as well as the rest of the non-main cast characters.
  • Add more recurring gags, with video.
  • Clean up the merchandise pages so they’re better organized.


  • Basically everything.
  • Episode pages for both seasons.
  • Quotes pages.
  • Character descriptions.
  • An official merchandise section if needed.

Great Minds

  • Redo the existing episode pages and add the rest of the first (and only I guess) season.
  • Quotes.
  • As much as I’d like to I don’t think uploading the episodes themselves would be a good idea. Don’t need this site getting shut down lol.

There’s probably a lot more I’m forgetting, but that’s a major part of it. I would like to really get this site turned into a good resource for information on all of Dan’s shows, not just a top search result for rick and morty merchandise. Also remember we have a Discord server so you can come and chat about the site or Dan or whatever.

Quick Update About The Site

A couple weeks I wrote a post about what I wanted to do with the site, and one of the things I mentioned was the forum. I mentioned I wanted to switch the forum from VBulletin to Xenforo but didn’t have a license available to use, since I was using my current one on another site. Well, since then I’ve decided to close that forum down so that license is now available for me to use here. I still have to pay to extend it another yet but that’s only $40 I think.

So now at some point I’ll be trying to get that installed and transfer everything over.

Other than that, I’m still working on a new design. I’m kinda stuck on it right now, can’t decide on some of the color scheme. I’ve been testing a few things (have a separate site up for that) with plugins and whatnot.

I might start adding more actual content to the site before all of that is ready, at least I should if I want this place to get more traffic.

Discord server and plans for the site

Hey, it’s your favorite useless webmaster snesfreak. I haven’t posted much lately (shocker) but I am attempting to get things going again.

First off, I setup a Discord server which you can join with the button to the right or this link.  I’ve been messing around making emotes so hopefully some people show up to chat about Dan and his shows (live chat during Harmontown would be cool.)

Now as for the site, I have some plans I’d like to get put into action.

I need to redesign the site, completely. I have a couple options:

  1. I could buy a professional WordPress theme which would probably be about 50-60 dollars.
  2. Or, I could buy a program called TemplateToaster (full disclosure, that’s an affiliated link) and design the theme myself. This would be $150 for the professional version, which is what I would need.

I also need to either make or pay someone (why does everything I want to do cost money!?) to make a new logo, the current one was fine when this was primarily a Community fan site. But it’s now focused on everything Dan’s involved in (that’s the intent anyway lol.)

The forum.

I really want to try to get that going again, it used to be fairly active but not so much right now. I want to switch it over to Xenforo as it is much better than VBulletin (especially the version I use).  Also, the license for VBulletin isn’t mine. I’ve been using a member’s license since we installed it, I’m not even sure if I could get into contact with him anymore. I have a Xenforo license but I’m using it on another site, and don’t want to give up that forum.  A license for Xenforo is only $140, woo!

After getting that, I would like to get the XenWord plugin to completely integrate the main site and forum together. That’s another $80 for a lifetime license (there’s a dev license for unlimited site installations that’s $120 but it’s only a year of support/updates.)

I’d also like (and I have no idea exactly how to do this in WordPress, have to research plugins I guess) to setup the site so users can rate every episode of the shows, post their own reviews, list their favorite quotes etc and have it all shown on their user profiles. This would be a long term thing, and cost more money of course.

Now the last thing, actual content lol.

This is a big issue with the site right now: It’s horribly outdated.
This is another long term thing I have to work on, getting the site updated with pages for all the seasons and episodes it’s currently missing.
This won’t cost anything (except maybe my sanity) but will take forever.

The main issue with most of this is how to pay for it all, because while I do make money from this site it’s not enough for me to spend a ton on software right now. I do have a Patreon page (that I haven’t promoted at all and won’t link here unless specifically asked) but I don’t expect anything from that. Really all I can do is try to save up money for each thing as I need it, and hope my income from here remains steady.

I don’t really run ads on this site besides the Amazon listings at the bottom of posts and on the sidebar, but I still hope that people aren’t using an ad blocker. There are Amazon CPM ads that I get a little (not an understatement) income from. I’m trying not to beg for money directly (hence why I won’t link the Patreon page) but the Amazon and other income really helps and I’m always happy when I see more sales coming from this site.

That’s all for now I guess, I hope to see some of you on Discord.

HitFlix: Jeffrey Tambor Says ‘Arrested Development’ Season 5 will begin production in January

This isn’t Harmon-related exactly, but I love AD so this is good news.

In an interview with Today’s Al Roker, Jeffrey Tambor, who plays both George and Oscar Bluth, indicated that the Emmy-winning show was rounding into shape.

“My marching orders are to go to work in January,” Tambor told Roker in what sure seemed like a “big announcement.” The actor offered no other details on the show that hasn’t produced a new episode since 2013.


THR: Joel McHale To Play Chevy Chase in Netflix’s National Lampoon Movie

Joel McHale is in final negotiations to portray Chevy Chase, with whom he starred on NBC’s Community, in Netflix’s tragic story of National Lampoon co-founder Douglas Kenney, A Futile and Stupid Gesture.
Kenney co-wrote Caddyshack, the 1980 comedy that was an early Chase hit, and the two were close friends. Chase was with his troubled pal in Hawaii before his death but returned to Los Angeles for work. He was set to fly back when he received word that Kenney was missing.
That should be interesting.

Garry Shandling Has Passed Away At Age 66

Comedian, actor, writer and producer Garry Shandling, known for “It’s Garry Shandling’s Show” and “The Larry Sanders Show,” has died, the Los Angeles Police Department confirmed. He was 66.

The official cause of death is unknown.
A spokesman for the LAPD said they received a 911 call from Shandling’s home on Thursday, saying the comedian suffered from a “medical emergency.” He later died at an L.A. hospital.

Garry Shandling Dies at 66
Aw man, RIP…

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