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Intro To Felt Surrogacy

Dean Pelton: Okay, this awkward silence has been going on for days. Granted, Jeffrey looks amazing when he broods, but this has got to stop.

Jeff: Why did you make, have, and bring these?
Dean Pelton: Mm.
Jeff: Don’t answer.

Dean Pelton: You’ll notice that each puppet is made in your likeness. They were a rush job, it’s not like I had them on hand for personal use. Excuse me, let me just grab this thing that’s definitely not a whip.

Britta: Guys, are we just gonna avoid making eye contact forever? Who are we, Jeff during sex? Huh? Let’s just give it a shot and move on.
Jeff: Fine. If we’re gonna play this game, then, unlike sex with Britta, we’re gonna do it quickly and with a small shred of dignity.
Britta: Eh.
Troy *mumbling*: Yeah.

Troy: If we fly to heaven, please don’t tell my grandpa about me and Britta.

Shirley: Oh, damn you, gravity! –
Britta: Damn you, prayer!
Pierce: Damn you, Vicki!

Troy: Has anyone else noticed Professor Duncan hasn’t been around for a long time?

Troy: We’ll be stranded here forever, and I’ve never seen Blue Man Group!

Troy: I did see blue man group, I just didn’t get it. Why can’t they talk? They have so much in common.

Jeff: So this is how Greendale graduates end up, as transient mountain men. Huh, not as bad as I thought.

Garrett: Dean! There is a fire in the cafeteria.
Dean Pelton: Garrett, not now!

Shirley: Well, there y’all go, giving me that look, treating me like Judas, judging me like Judy. You know, Judge Judy. She judges people.

Jeff: Shirley, wait. I think I know how to make you feel a little less horrible.
Britta: I like where you’re headed. Okay, who’s holding? I have four berries, but I am saving them for Laser Floyd.

Britta: Nobody respects me any less as a political activist, right?
Annie: Well, uh…
Jeff: The level to which we respect you as a political activist has definitely not changed.
Abed: That’s right.
Annie: That’s how I would say it.
Troy: Exactly.
Britta: Whew.

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