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Big Trouble In Little Sanchez

Big Trouble In Little Sanchez – Episode 207
Synopsis Rick don joins in on some hijinks in this one broh. Beth and Jerry sort out their relationship too broh.
Airdate 09/13/15
Writer Alex Rubens
Director Bryan Newton
At breakfast, Summer suggests that Rick transform into a younger body and come to school to help deal with a vampire threat. Jerry and Beth bicker, and Rick says they should either get counseling or a divorce. Rick drops them off at the best marriage counselors in the universe (Nuptia Ford), where Glaxo Slimslom connects them to a machine that scans their brains and produces physical manifestations of their visions of each other. Jerry’s vision of Beth is a vaguely Alien-like monster, while Beth’s vision of Jerry is a servile worm.

Rick shows up at Morty and Summer’s school in a teenage body, calling himself Tiny Rick. They dispatch the responsible vampire, Coach Feratu, at school off-camera, but Tiny Rick has become popular and stays. However, while singing a song and creating art, Tiny Rick communicates that he is trapped in the teenage body, and will die if not returned to his older body.

Beth and Jerry’s visions of each other cooperate and escape, killing everyone they encounter. Glaxo Slimslom escapes, leaving Beth and Jerry behind. The Beth vision captures Beth and secures her in the machine with a steel bar to generate more Jerry worms for her an army. Jerry attempts to rescue Beth. While Jerry fights, the Jerry’s coming out of the machine get stronger and more capable as Beth’s impression of Jerry improves. To free Beth from the machine, Jerry gets an inspiration and puts the machine’s helmet on the strong Jerry. Because the strong Jerry is Beth’s ideal version of Jerry, he envisions an even more ideal vision of Beth: a glowing, angelic being that easily destroys Alien Beth.

Summer has Tiny Rick expelled from school for killing the gym coach. At home, she and Morty manage to return Rick to his old body, after reminding him who is really is. He then destroys multiple other cloned bodies of himself, calling his project a failure.

Post-Credit Scene: The lead vampire receives a status report. Upon hearing that Coach Feratu was killed, he rails against vampires using names that give away their status as vampires, and suggests that they just use regular, plain names. He then bloodily feeds on a young woman.

Character Played By Details
 Glaxo Slimslom Jim Rash
Toby Matthews Alex Hirsch
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