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Interdimensional Cable 2: Tempting Fate

Interdimensional Cable 2: Tempting Fate – Episode 208
Synopsis Things going ham in this one broh. Jerry gots all sick and Rick sparks up the TV broh.
Airdate 09/20/15
Writer Dan Guterman, Ryan Ridley & Justin Roiland
Director Juan Meza-Leon
After eating a pint of Cherry Garcia that Rick was using to store a virulent bacteria he was experimenting on, Jerry is rushed to an alien hospital to be treated. As the doctors operate on Jerry, the rest of the family goes into the waiting room, where they watch various inter-dimensional television programs after Rick does the same cable trick he did in “Rixty Minutes.” Meanwhile, Jerry is approached by an alien delegation, who inform him that his penis can be converted into a replacement heart for Shrimpy Pibbles, the galaxy’s most famous civil rights activist. Jerry, desperate to be liked and offended that the aliens believe he won’t be willing to donate his penis, rashly agrees to the operation. However, he quickly gets second thoughts and attempts to bring in Beth to refuse the treatment on his behalf. Beth, however, is enticed by the range of prosthetic penises the hospital is willing to provide and tells Jerry the decision is up to him. Jerry then finds out Pibbles is a heroin addict and reveals this at a press conference, only to be told that Pibbles’ species requires heroin to survive. The aliens deduce that Jerry is trying to back out of the donation, and he quickly becomes the most hated man in the galaxy. The entire galaxy immediately donates enough money to the hospital to build a prosthetic heart for Pibbles. Jerry, desperate not to be hated by the galaxy, holds the doctors hostage and demands they go through with the transplant procedure. Jerry is shot dead by security, but is revived thanks to alien medical technology. Beth berates Jerry for his irrational need to be liked by everybody and the family returns home.

Post-Credit Scene: Jerry sneaks into Rick’s cupboard, where he takes out a box of alien Eyeholes cereal only for the Eyehole Man to burst through the window and begin relentlessly beating him for eating his Eyeholes. As Morty and Summer try to get the Eyehole Man off of Jerry, Rick scolds Jerry for performing this action and puts the Eyeholes back into his cupboard. As the Eyehole Man continues to beat up Jerry, Morty asks Rick why he has the box of Eyeholes in his cupboard.

Character Played By Details
 Shrimply Pibbles Werner Herzog
Jerry’s Doctor Gary Cole
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