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The Wedding Squanchers

The Wedding Squanchers – Episode 210
Synopsis Things go ham in this one broh. They all don mussed up this time. The whole family mussed up broh.
Airdate 10/04/15
Writer Tom Kauffman
Director Wes Archer

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After Rick receives a wedding invitation from Birdperson via intergalactic parcel delivery, Jerry is accidentally sent, using that same service, to the wedding destination. In order to retrieve Jerry, Rick is forced to attend his best friend’s wedding on a distant planet along with the rest of the family, despite his objections. During the reception the bride reveals herself to be a Galactic Federation agent, kills Birdperson, and has numerous agents attack the guests, most of whom – like Birdperson and Rick – are wanted terrorists. Rick is able to get the family out of the wedding safely, but they are unable to return to Earth as the Federation would be looking for them there. The family hides out on a very small planet which is one of only three possible Earth-like choices (with one orbiting a screaming sun and the other where all life and geography was “on the cob”) outside the Federation’s reach. As Rick leaves to explore the planet, Jerry suggests to Morty, Beth, and Summer that they should return to Earth and turn Rick in citing Rick’s selfishness. However, the rest of the family defends Rick saying that they want to stay with him, unconditionally, out of love. Rick hears all this from under the floor. After convincing Morty that he is leaving to go get ice cream, Rick leaves the planet, calls the Federation, and turns himself in while freeing his family from a life on the run. The Galactic Federation rescues the family and they are returned to Earth, which has now joined the Federation and is infested with alien tourists. After being told many times to get a job, Jerry finally is assigned a job by the Federation upon returning to Earth and heads to where he will be assigned his job.

Post-Credit Scene: Mr. Poopy Butthole is shown watching the credits while still recuperating from his injury that occurred in “Total Rickall.” After receiving his pizza delivery, Mr. Poopy Butthole implores the viewers to tune in “in a year and a half or longer” in order to see how the cliffhanger is resolved in season 3.


Character Played By Details
Cyborg Photographer Arin Hanson
Tammy’s Dad James Callis
Tammy’s Mom Tricia Helfer
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