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Alternative History of the German Invasion

Troy: I don’t get history. If I wanted to know what happened in Europe a long time ago, i’d watch Game of Thrones.
Annie: Troy, that show takes place in a fantasy realm. This class is about the real world.
*Troy gets excited*
Abed: Not the show.
Troy: You need to think before you speak.

Jeff: Lukas, Karl, I see you’ve grown a new douche bag.

Reinhold: I was recalling a very funny episode of the German version of The Nanny. Franlein gets a-It wouldn’t translate.

Pierce: Jeff’s right. If there were more people in the world like Annie, we’d all be speaking Vietnamese right now. That was my war, I had flashbacks for years.
Shirley: Pierce, you moved to Canada.
Pierce: And it was hell, those people call ham bacon.

Reinhold: I like the way your old chair cradles mein knaidels. I just made that up. You know, English is my second language.

Lukas: Gott, that must be nearly 100 luftballons!

Leonard: You’re like those guys on Hogan’s Heroes, the Nazis.

Pierce: Hang on. Nobody’s even willing to consider that I might be the Hitler of this group?

Cornwallis: Are you actually suggesting that a Professor at Greendale would set up an elaborate ruse just to teach seven students a lesson?
Britta: Uh, yes.
Troy: That’s a Wednesday.

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