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Conventions of Space and Time

Britta: Hi, Abed. Just here for my breakfast date with Troy.
Troy: Oh, good morning, Britta. I haven’t seen you in over 12 hours.
Britta: Ha ha, Yeah.
Abed: I know you two are having sex, I’ve known for weeks.
Britta: What? Why didn’t you say something?
Abed: I love doughnuts.

Pierce: You know, in Ancient Greece, it was considered an honor to invite a person my age to a space convention?
Jeff: We didn’t invite Shirley either.
Pierce: Well, that’s better then.

Jeff: Hey, you can stay if you want.
Annie: Fine. I’ll be in my room.
Jeff: Good. The reservation’s under my name, enjoy the nerds.
Annie: I will enjoy the…
Troy: Jeff won.
Annie: I know!

Britta: Troy, I have seen that look. Girls have given me that look. You are not being crazy, that dude is trying to steal your boyfriend.

Toby: Terribly sorry, this is slightly embarrassing. I seem to have forgotten your name.
Troy: It’s Troy! You know it’s Troy! Okay, it’s the first part of Troy and Abed. Toby and Abed in the Morning? That’s ridiculous. I’m not psycho!

Shirley: Actually I would like to say something. I am friends with a couple of huge Inspector Spacetime fans, and I think what they like about the show is that it’s smart, complicated, and doesn’t talk down to its audience. So, if you’d like to make a really good American version, you should stay true to that.

Troy: Toby, have you ever been in a fight? Because I have.
Toby: Oh, my God. He can make a fist, that would hurt harder than a slap.

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