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Studies in Modern Movement

Britta: Man-children, can’t live with them, can’t leave them alone with your tape.
Annie: Britta, don’t make jokes, you’re bad at it!

Pierce [to Annie]: Oh no, you’re not letting some slumlord take your your hard earned money. I’ll fix it. I used to do that kind of thing all the time when I was a slumlord.

Shirley: I’ve seen enough episodes of Friends to know that co-habitation leads to sex, drugs, and something Parade magazine calls “Schwimmer fatigue.”

Dean Pelton: This is just like that uh “Lake House” movie. I can only assume, even I have limits.

Dean Pelton: Off campus, I’m just a Craigular Joe.

Hitchhiker *singing*: Jesus loves marijuana and drinking human blood.

Troy *taking out a candy cigarette*: I picked the wrong week to quit.

Pierce: How long was I out? Is Napster still a thing?

Jeff: He tweeted it? HE TWEETED IT!!!!!!!!!!!

Abed: Oh, look out, asteroids.
Troy: That was close. Thanks for getting us to planet Greendalia safely, Horse-bot 3000.
Annie: Oh no, Greendalia has been overrun by evil King Blorgon.
Abed: Look out, Troyborg.
*Annie imitates gunshots*
Abed: Ahh! I’m dead.
Troy: Horse-bot 3000, no. I love you.
Abed *deep voice*: I am King Blorgon, and my plan is it blow up the world.
Abed: Your lasers are useless against me.
Troy: Aim for his butt, it’s his only weakness *bam, bam, bam!*
Abed: Ahh!
Annie: We did it! Peace and tranquility have been restored to Greendalia.
Troy: And all thanks to Horse-bot 3000, he belongs to the stars now *neighs*.
Britta: Alright, five more minutes and we should probably put a stop to this, right? Jeff are you–
Jeff *crying*: I liked Horse-bot 3000.

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