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A Fistfull of Paintballs

Starburns: You have to surrender your guns, and your drugs.

Annie: That was a game. This is paintball.

Pierce: It began with a dream Annie. A dream and an impulse to hide in the men’s room. I found that people were willing to roll bullets under the door just for the right to take a dump. By the way, for you guys, taking a dump’s on the house.

Jeff: We just ran into the Black Rider.
Jeff: Dean, if you want this game to end, we need fire power.
Dean: *sigh* In there.
Dean: The key’s in my shorts………I can get it out, I guess.

Jeff: Woah, where are you going?
Annie: To have a conversation with Pierce.
Abed: She’s pretty awesome today.

Jeff: OK Black Rider, now let’s see who’s attractive.
Troy: Dude, you have a problem.

Annie: Who are you?
Black Rider: I’m the bad guy.
Annie: Stop trying to fluster me with your handsomeness, you’re creepy.
Black Rider: Why is your chest getting all flushed?
Annie: It’s a rash, I’m allergic to beans

Shirley: Actually, Jeff, he’s been pretty decent in this game, so far. He’s created a safe zone where people can rest, eat, and in some cases, pump their breast milk.

Abed: Jeff wants to see you.
Annie: And I want pants. A lot of people want a lot of things.

Chang: Math Club is gotten a lot better since last year.
Jeff: Obviously they were practicing while the rest of us went on dates.

Chang: Don’t shoot me, shoot him! He’s white and he’s out of ammo.

Jeff: I hear he has more paint than a French kindergarten.

Jeff: My forehead’s not that big right?
Troy: It’s not small.

Jeff: I’m not risking my butt hauling ammo back for the guy that has Vicky dancing for Twinkies.

Shirley: I hope we find this cache of ammunition soon. I need to pump.
Troy: Me too. You’re talking about peeing right?

Black Rider: I wouldn’t go to this toilet with my big sister’s toe.

Annie: Hey! Christina Ricci, I said KICK!

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