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Competitive Wine Tasting

Pierce: Wow, who’s the dumpling with the nice Asian pair.
Jeff: That’s the first time sexism has made me hungry, but she is something.
Jeff: I fear I may have to let her see me nude.
Pierce: I might have to take a shot myself.
Jeff: *laughs*
Pierce: What’s so funny?
Jeff: Well why would a women want a Plymyth on cinder blocks when she could a Testarossa 500 horse power with a six-speed stick.
Pierce: Cause my stick is ribbed, for her pleasure.
Jeff: I think those are wrinkles.

Wu Mei: Not interested. Please take weird haircut, stupid grin, and go sniff another dog’s ass.

Pierce: Corn hole. Corn hole. Corn hole.

Jeff: Don’t preach to me about romance Annie, I had a three-way in an air balloon.

Jeff: Its gotta be better than wine tasting with Pierce. He refused to drink Pinot Noir because he thought it was french for black penis.

Pierce: I’ll give you the same advice my father gave me the night I lost my virginity: Just pick one, they all cost the same.

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