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REMINDER: Special Adult Swim Live Stream With Dan and Justin Tonight at 9 PM ET

It will be live steamed on adultswim.com, there’s a countdown on the sidebar to the right as well.

Oh, and while they might show the second episode…don’t get all pissy if they don’t. They are very likely to announce the premiere date for the rest of the season, and Dan DID say that they were basically done animating it on the last Harmontown.

It was something like “They’re drawing it! Well, they’re actually finished drawing it now.”
He was complaining about people harassing him on Instagram I think, you know the people that constantly tell him to “GET BACK TO WORK ON RICK AND MORTY!!!”
He said something like “The people that made it take too long were done with that part a long time ago!”

I don’t remember the exact quotes, and don’t feel like trying to find them lol.
But yeah, stop harassing him and Justin you fucking morons.

It will be here soon, they’re not delaying it till November or next year or whatever people constantly say on Reddit.

They took too long to write it, that part was over a long time, they’re done animating it.


“Rick and Morty Live Stream” With Dan and Justin – June 29th

I’m not sure what this is about, but uh… itshappening.gif

Anyway, it seems to be a live event with Dan and Justin, though the in-person tickets are already sold out.
The event page says it will also be live streamed on adultswim.com.
June 29th.

I’d say it’s same to assume this has something to do with season 3.

Dan Explains Why Rick and Morty Season 3 Took So Long

Dan explained on Twitter just now what happened with season 3 and why it took so long to write
The twitter thread starts here.
These are his tweets copied exactly as he wrote them.

A hungover thread where I address Rick and Morty devotees because I feel bad for any fan worrying about any show-threatening issue:

Justin and I are very regretful about the season taking way too long. I want to explain “what happened” because it’s way less dramatic

Than you might ever imagine. Post internet TV audiences are so used to finding out there’s an intriguing/confusing/intense reason 4 delays

And Christ knows if you’ve ever seen MY name on the internet I’ve only got myself to blame for an association with intrigue/confusion/drama

But the truth in this case is so very boring. I will put it to you as objectively as I can, though we aren’t talking about an auto plant

The reason S3 took long is because it took long to write, because it was S3 of a show that we were scared to make worse than S2 or S1.

It’s a common yet odd phenomenon. Tail-chasing, perfectionism, overthinking? One prob is that any description you pick for it

Is going to have a falseness. If I say “we overthought” someone else could say “well, no, we thought the right amount,” it’s like talking

About religion or something. It feels I think, to writers, sacreligious and ineffective to open the creative process and poke and label.

But don’t worry about the content, because, the reason overthought slows you down is, you just do way more versions of stuff than needed.

You usually end up back where you started. So as far as I can tell, although I’m too close to it, it’s just another good season of RAM

That took way too fucking long to write because it just seems like the same stuff that took way less time to write. That’s it. Boring answer

As I speak, more articles are coming out about me and Justin fighting. Because it’s a less boring reason for a season to take long,

And because I’m Dan Harmon, so it’s a smart fucking first guess, it just happens to be hilariously not true even in the slightest.

If you do know of me at all you know that if Justin and I HAD ever fought, not only wouldn’t we be able to keep it secret,

We’d be all too eager to share it with you.

Also, that’s not what would make the show slow down! Fighting probably would have been a good idea, it might have sped us up.

So that’s it. I shouldn’t have started a thread when i need to pack for airport, but that’s it. We took too long writing. Totes regrets.

And we look back and we talk to each other about how we can avoid it happening again and I’m pretty sure the reason it won’t is cuz

It happened. That’s how it works. You do something you don’t know you’re doing and then you’re like oh I did that and then you do otherwise

I don’t know if any danger to the show itself that comes from you believing justin and I are fighting and the show is gone forever, BUT

Like I said it breaks my heart to think of some kid reading one of these clickbait pieces after all the energy that kid has put into fandom.

The show by my metric, which is people seeing my tee shirts and saying “I love that show” has like the craziest reach of anything I’ve been

A part of. So..it makes sense that when you take something that loved and delay it this long and let the internet simmer, you get this stuff

And we’re flattered by it and thankful to you and can’t wait for you to see S3 and also JUSTIN IS A PIECE OF SHIT I’M GOING TO FIST FIGHT

End of threaddddddd so hungover

As anyone that listens to Harmontown regularly can tell you, what he said about being “eager to share it” if him and Justin were actually fighting is 100% accurate.

And just to make it clear since some people apparently think they’re STILL writing the season:
They’re not.
The writing was done a while ago, the animators are finishing up the season and it’s up to Adult Swim when it premieres exactly.

And calling THEM “childish” then telling them to “fuck off to another industry” says a lot about YOU, Reddit jackass.

That is all.

Zen Monkey Studios Teases Rick and Morty Season 3 Premiere: “So Satisfying”

Before you ask, Zen Monkey Studios make officially licensed Rick and Morty t-shirts. So that’s why they would know about the season 3 premiere.

Oh, and I thought that Rick Roll video was hilarious.

But I want a premiere date, man!

I’ll do anything!
I’ll give up Squanching if I have to!

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