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The Ricks Must Be Crazy

The Ricks Must Be Crazy – Episode 206
Rick don forgot to check the oil in this one broh. Gotta fix that car in this one broh. Special Guest: Stephen Colbert voicing Zeep Xanflorp.
Airdate 8/30/15
Writer Dan Guterman
Director Dominic Polcino
While out exploring the multi-verse with Morty and Summer, Rick’s car won’t start, so he and Morty attempt to fix it by journeying into the battery. Rick leaves Summer alone in the car waiting for their return, instructing the car to “Keep Summer safe.”

Inside the battery, Morty learns that it contains a miniature universe — a “micro-verse” — created by Rick, and inhabited by intelligent life, which Rick has provided with manual electricity generators. They happily direct the excess into a volcano, which powers Rick’s car. Rick dismisses Morty’s protest that enslaving a world is wrong. They learn that the power has been interrupted because the micro-verse world’s smartest scientist, Zeep Xanflorp, has created a technology that makes the manual electricity generators obsolete: a battery exactly like Rick’s, containing a “mini-verse.” Zeep escorts Rick and Morty into the battery. Rick protests that enslaving a world is wrong, just as Morty did, and Zeep dismisses him, just as Rick did. Inside the mini-verse, they find a scientist who is working on his own miniature battery universe. When he realizes his efforts to create a “tiny-verse” are meaningless, he commits suicide, destroying Zeep’s transporter and stranding Rick, Morty, and Zeep inside the “tiny-verse” battery in Zeep’s battery.

In the main universe, a man approaches the car. Summer panics, and the car kills the man, gruesomely slicing him into many small pieces with a laser. Summer forbids the car from killing, so it paralyzes the next person to approach. When the police arrive and Summer forbids violence, the car manifests a duplicate of the dead son of one of the police officers, causing it to melt as he hugs it. Horrified, he and the police back up into a stand-off with the car. Summer forbids the car from psychologically damaging anyone, which the car complains is making its job of keeping her safe very difficult.

Rick and Zeep sabotage each others’ attempts to escape the battery, while Morty, sick of their childish fighting, chooses to live with the native tree people. Morty, now leader of the tree people, forces Rick and Zeep to cooperate to get them out of the “mini-verse.” Rick destroys Zeep’s battery (killing countless inhabitants of the mini-verse) and races Zeep out of Rick’s battery, at one point telling Morty that he injected him with nanobots that allow him to turn into a car, only to find a taxi before Morty gets the chance to transform. Rick and Morty escape the battery, trapping Zeep in it.

Back in the main universe, the car has negotiated a peace treaty between that multi-verse’s human and telepathic spider populations as the only way to keep Summer safe. Rick confidently starts the car, blithely pointing out that Zeep knows that if the battery ever stops working, Rick will just destroy it and create another. The inhabitants of the micro-verse are now grimly aware of their enslavement, but will never rebel. Rick, Summer, and Morty, now able to drive to get ice cream, realize that Summer’s peace negotiation has ruined it, with the inclusion of flies, for the telepathic spiders.

Post-Credit Scene: Morty is daydreaming in math class and suddenly turns into a red car.

Character Played By Details
 Zeep Xanflorp Stephen Colbert
Suicidal Mini-Verse Alien Nathan Fieldler
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