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Pierce: I got a letter from the executor of my father’s estate. Said to come here with my seven closest friends.
Abed: You brought six.
Annie: Well who else was he gonna bring?
Pierce: LeVar Burton was a maybe.

Cornelius: Nevertheless. I designed this game to be played upon my death by you and whatever cabal of fruits, junkies, and sluts you call your friends.
Pierce: Her name is Britta.

Cornelius: Worst son ever!

Troy: Because when you’re friends with someone for three years, it’s weird to steal their family’s money.
Abed: And there wouldn’t be a lot of sport in beating you, look at yourself.
Britta: Yeah, you really do suck.

Gilbert: Be my guest. But 30 seconds after you leave your chairs, the weight sensors will recognize it as an automatic forfeit.
Jeff and Shirley: Weight sensors?

Hilda: I am Hilda, I live in the village.
Pierce: Lesbian.

Hilda: The throne is in Castle Hawkthorne north of here…You unlock the castle with the white crystal of discipline, which you must free from the black caverns.
Shirley: I’m picking up on some hidden symbolism.
Pierce: Right, white crystal. You think dad was into meth?

Shirley: Now what are you doing?
Annie: He was suffering!
Shirley: Yeah, from ax wounds.

Shirley: No witnesses. Grab everything you can carry. I’ll check upstairs for more family, and don’t give me that look these are your loose ends I’m just tying them up.

Annie: Everybody go shopping? That’s all we did.
Abed: Is that hut on fire?
Shirley: Oh my, what an unexplained tragedy.

Troy: Unbelievable. Jeff bet all our lives on Britta, and won, and I lost my pants to a pair of nines.

Britta: Abed, she’s program.
Abed: People have said similar things about me.

Jeff: This cave is the worst.
Britta: I know, I don’t know what’s more offensive, the actual racism or the insulting notion that it might somehow rub off on us.

Pierce: What? That can’t be true. You’re half…white.
Jeff: Nice save.

Abed: She can make babies for me.
Troy: Oh, and I can’t? I can’t.

Troy and Abed: Troy and Abed shooting lava!

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